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Gebr. Pfeiffer summer party on 20 July 2023

At this year’s Gebr. Pfeiffer SE summer party in Kaiserslautern on 20 July, AuTeBa GmbH presented its latest “digital solutions” projects to the international subsidiaries and gave an update on their progress. These development projects include using QR codes to make data such as circuit diagrams clear and quickly accessible in the production environment.

And AuTeBa GmbH also aims to use field data analysis, evaluated using AI, to measure, scale and process data which enable quick and accurate analysis of processes and their results. One example is smart monitoring, which in future will make it simple and convenient for users to monitor their projects remotely from anywhere in the world. And users will also be able to access comprehensive, real-time status information about machines and the end product, with the opportunity to intervene remotely if required.